About Dr. Manisha Kumari Deep

Listening and reading about ordeals of women and challenges existing in society, I dared to reflect it through my first fiction novel ‘Imperfect Marriages’. I hope that this story makes one feel the pain and avoid or help out in resolving them for your loved ones and also others.
I feel the best way to revive your childhood is by spending time with children. To explore this I run a play school in my hometown which focuses on developing a child’s social as well as emotional skills. I am also working on starting a skill development centre for young minds.
Some of my other works include “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Leadership Style”, “Feasibility Study between Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment and Organic Networks”, “Popular Metaheuristic Optimization Techniques” , “Digital India Mission: Implications on Social Inclusion and Digital Citizenship”, “Cloud: DDoS, Blockchain, Regulations, Compliance” and “Positive Employee Recruitment and Retention Vital for Organizations.
You can follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/manisha_deep

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